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En plus des zones touristiques de Mopti, Djenné, Pays Dogon, Tombouctou, Gao et Kidal, quelles autres zones souhaiterez-vous visiter au Mali?:





The Malian economy is chiefly based on the primary sector: -agriculture is the main activity of 80% of the active population. It is the first contributor to the GDP with an average of 40% during the recent years -cattle-breeding and fishing are the main activity of 30% of the rural population -cotton represents 14% of the GDP and provides 50% of the export revenue.

The mining sector represents 15.5% of the GDP. The industry sector represents 8% of the GDP. The GDP per inhabitant has been estimated at CFA 166 300(253 Euros). The GDP growth rate was +5.6 in 2003 and the growth forecasts of the GDP were +6.7 in 2004. Tourism is the first source of service export revenue, estimated at $ 90 million. The main export products in Mali are gold, cotton and cattle.

The other exported products are fruit, vegetables, cereals and by-products. The main imported products are oil products, processed foodstuffs, drugs, vehicles, capital equipment and farming and industrial input. The main commercial partners are: France, Senegal, Italy, China, South Africa. Regarding imports and exports, they are: France, Germany, and Senegal . The Government of Mali has opted for the development of a national economy based on free enterprise.

The economy also got integrated in the regional framework. Mali is part of WAEMU (West African economic monetary union), ECOWAS. In 1995, Mali became member of the World Trade Organization.

Presently, the Malian state is integrating all its actions in the framework of the fight against poverty and for the benefit of the young (3/4 of the population is below 25). Since 1995, reforms have been successful. The composition of the GDP has resulted in the secondary sector having a more and more important place in the recent years.



Festival on the Niger (Ségou)  february 05-02-2011

The Festival on the Niger will hold from 1st to 6 february 2011 at Ségou (Mali) on the banks the river Niger. For the 7 times, this festival will offer a unique show, with the great teams and famous musical artists and traditional dancing...

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