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En plus des zones touristiques de Mopti, Djenné, Pays Dogon, Tombouctou, Gao et Kidal, quelles autres zones souhaiterez-vous visiter au Mali?:




Transport networks and communication means

Air links

Mali is served by about fifteen international air companies. A list of these companies is available at the end of the document. Each Mali administrative region has an airport used by domestic flights. The main international airport is the one of Bamako -Sénou; there is also one in Kayes. The airports of Mopti and Timbuktu receive charter flights from France and Burkina Faso as well as national flights.

Road network

The main roads are tarred and the major ones are maintained on a regular basis. Within the country, the following itineraries can be followed:

- Bamako-Kolokani-Didieni-Sandaré-Ségala-Kayes: 685 km on the least hard network.

- Bamako-Kolokani: tarred road

- Bamako-Bafoulabé-Mahina-Kayes(510 km not recommended): a track which is only practicable from December to May by 4-wheel drive vehicles

- Kayes- Dakar

- Kayes- Diboli : 85 km(Mali-Senegal border) then Tambakounda(Senegal)

- Dakar: the road is tarred from Tambacounda in Senegal.

Distance Km (from Bamako)
Population (number of inhabitants)
Kayes 610 1.239.424
Bamako - .016167
Ségou 235 1.339.631
Sikasso 397 -
Mopti 646 1.282.617
Timbuctu 947 500.000
Gao 1222 400.000
Kidal 1539 42.386

Access to Mali by car from bordering countries:

- Algeria by the trans

- Saharan road (bad road)

- Ivory Coast and Burkina-Faso(tarred roads)

- Senegal, Mauritania and Niger(non-tarred roads)

- Niger(road in good condition from Gao) - Guinea(season tracks)

Local transport

Rental agencies also enable visitors to rent any all type of vehicle. Urban transport is ensured by taxis and minibuses; Interurban transport is ensured by “bachées”, minibuses and bus companies. Some local companies:

- SOMATRA (Malian transport company), tel. (+223)220 99 32

- Bittar trans, tel.(+223)220 12 05, FAX(+223)220 37 87

- Bani trans, Tel/fax(+223)220 60 81

- Binké transport, tel. (+223)220 56 83/220 33 19

- Ghana du Nord, tel.(+223)221 99 30 - Kénédougou Transport, tel.(+223)220 55 69

- Biarra Transport, tel.(+223)220 38 13 - Diema Transport, tel.(+223)221 18 04


The Trans Rail company links Bamako to Dakar (Senegal). From Bamako, the train goes to the Malian cities of Kati, Négéla, Sébékoro, Kita, Toukoto, Oualia, Mahina, Galouga, Diamou, Tintiba and Kayes. It also goes to Koulikoro

River navigation

The “pinasses”, long motor-fitted boats permanently transport goods and people on the Niger river. COMANAV(Malian navigation company), tel.(+223)222 38 02 has boats circulating during the rise in the water level of the Niger river, a pleasant manner to discover Mali in 6 days from Koulikoro to Gao. The boat stops in Ségou, Mopti, Diré, Kabara(Timbuktu) and in the main villages bordering the Niger river.

The opening of the sections varies according to seasons: the section Mopti-Gao is generally served from the end of July to mid-January and it stops end of November. The Koulikoro-Mopti link is ensured in July-August. These are weekly links.



Festival on the Niger (Ségou)  february 05-02-2011

The Festival on the Niger will hold from 1st to 6 february 2011 at Ségou (Mali) on the banks the river Niger. For the 7 times, this festival will offer a unique show, with the great teams and famous musical artists and traditional dancing...

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